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or hour and a half. law the afternoon, we have high clouds and sunshine hanging out in the low-to-mid 50's and at the coast, it will be brisk this afternoon with more sunshine but temperatures will hole out in low-to-mid 50's with breeze from the northwest and stiff so it will feel cooler but dry today everywhere. >> northbound mission boulevard at hayward area both lanes are blocked because of a car and a pedestrian. north 680 at south mission we have first reports of an injury accident in the left. the san mateo bridge, we have dense fog at advisory at the dumbarton bridge, and the brake lights are headed westbound with slow traffic on the flat section of the san mateo bridge, golden gate, not is much with fog, just
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light traffic. kristen and eric? >> thank you. happening now a san francisco woman is in critical condition with burns to her face after family members say her boyfriend doused her with gasoline and set her on fire. police are searching for the boyfriend, 22-year-old dexter oliver. they were at a laundromat and got in a heated argument. the victim's sister say he came home, poured gasoline in a bottle and headed back to the laundromat. amy will have an update from the hospital in 30 minutes. >> two suspects in the murder of two teen girls in oakland are due in court. the 18-year-old powell faces two counts of murder and possibly the death penalty. and another is charged with accessory. the victims were best friend. the 15-year-old and 16-year-old were found shot several times in east oakland in november.
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witnesses say there was an argument before the deadly shooting. >> a 16-year-old girl injured in a shooting near a high school at millbrae and san bruno border was shot in the stomach and leg across the street from the high school. it happened at 10:30 on saturday night. police did not say what led to the shooting. the search continues for the gunman. >> hockey fans are celebrating after the nhl and players reached a deal to end a bitter lock out. our news reporter joins us live from san jose with how shark fans are taking the news. >> eric, they are feeling really good. but at sharks ice, part of this is public skating facility and a woman does not follow the sharks but is very excited they will be back. this is, after all, san jose's only major league sports franchise and it is a point of honor.
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look at the sharks. they have not skated this season but they will be skating in a couple of weeks and the nhl and players association have reached agreement after a lock out that lasted 113 days. it is a ten-year agreement so that gives us time before it could happen again. it look like it is a done deal. we talked to a woman who did miss her sharks. >> so thrilled they will be starting up again. they are a fabulous team. >> everyone is relieved it is over and done and we can move on to what we enjoy doing more than this. >> very excited about the return of the sharks. the bars and restaurants and one bar owner says on a game day, they have 700 more customers than on a nongame day. the season was supposed to be 41
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home games but that will not happen now. >> thank you. we have lost the audio, but we will come back to you. thank you. >> new this morning, google chairman schmidt is in north korea for a controversial visit to that communist nation arriving in the country along with former new mexico governor richardson. richardson spoke of the trip in beijing early today before departing for north korea calling it a "private humanitarian mission." stay with abc7 morning news and we will have much more on this trip to north korea in our 6:30 half hour including who is new criticizing the visit. >> in sacramento the california legislature begins a new session with democrat law makes with a supermajority in both the senate and assembly. the governor brown will set the stage when he plans to release
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the proposed budget for the fiscal year that begins in july. >> the petaluma city council will start the new year with a formal vote on antismoking ordinance. in december they approved a ban on smoking in places that include all hotel rooms, private apartments and condos, as well as outdoor spaces including balconies and courtyards and sidewalks. the new regulations are intended to protect people from secondhand reports. petaluma's ordinance is sight all right more stringent than a ban in sonoma. >> traffic and weather next and now a look at the san mateo bridge, hard to tell it is the bridge, right? >> a lot of fog. >> and freezing fog in some places. mike nicco will check the weather forecast and we will have a traffic report coming up. >> airport disturbance ahead, the accusations facing a member
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of a well-known political family just
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>> welcome back, we will look at the foggy conditions out there. you can see i updated these and we are looking at quarter mile visibility if livermore and half mile in santa rosa and mountain view and santos and temperatures
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right now at the reporting stations are above freezing. we have 34 throughout the san ramon valley and 34 around santa rosa and napa. you can see the temperatures, the reporting stations, are close to freezing. in the afternoon hours we will have high clouds and sunshine and temperatures in the mid-50's to away 60 degrees. >> if you are traveling to the southern portion of our state we have fog over the grapevine and snow flurries so chp are escorting cars. closer to home, northbound mission boulevard, surface streets at hey -- hayward, a car and pedestrian accident. at south mission, a new location, chp has updated, a couple of cars got into it on
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the shoulder. on the toll plaza, traffic is stacked up beyond the 880 evercrossing. kristen and eric? >> the son of u.s. senator rand paul and grandson of ron paul is in trouble with the law this morning. police in north carolina arrested the 19-year-old william hilton paul over the weekend after a flight from lexington, kentucky. he is accused of disorderly conduct and underage drinking. it is not clear whether he is believe dead van been drinking on the airplane or at the airport. senator paul released a statement asking for privacy saying "many parents with teenagers would understand that request." >> still ahead, he is one of the big of the names in fashion, where crews plan on focusing the search for the plane belonging to massoni. >> and consumer reports are drum and flute"
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>> welcome back and a look at live doppler 7 hd you can see it is quiet outside. we will talk about what will happen this afternoon. after we get rid of the fog at 9:00 this morning, temperatures under sunshine will jump up into the mid-to-upper 50's. we have warmer weather today and tomorrow. but scattered showers and cooler weather on the way on wednesday and thursday. i will show you that in the seven-day outlook. kristen and eric? >> thank you at 6:14. microsoft released windows 8 operating system the last few months and a wave of new laptops
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with that operating system are in the store shelves. >> our partners at consumer reports tell us whether the any computers are worth the upgrade. >> with release of ones 8, microsoft's new operating system a wave of laptops have hit the shelves designed to take advantage of windows bold new design. consumer reports shows dozens of the choices. >> at this microsoft store, one of 30 to open so far an the country, shoppers are checking out the newest ones 8 computers. >> if consumer reports laboratories, dozens of the new windows 8 laptops have been tested, too. to evaluate the displays, testers shine lights at computer screens to measure glare, keyboards are evaluated and testers assess them for how comfortable they are to you. >> all the new laptops take advantage of the tablet like
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features including the tiles allowing you to display live content or reach apps. >> some can turn themselves into a lab debt. testers say the convertible computers are lightweight for laptops but heavy for a tablet. other lab tops are offering touch screens, you tap a tile to open a program. in our tests we found using a laptop with a touch screen is the best way to experience what is different and most appealing about windows 8. >> the touch screen lab top recommend samsung 13" for $850. you can save money if you get a laptop with traditional touch pad and no such screen. testers found the pad works fine with windows 8 but it is not as intuitive. >> consumer reports named two non-touch screen laptops the best, the 15 itch ultra book and
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the 13" bioultra book. can you take the end withs 7 and switch it over to windows 8? consumer reports says that option is best if those whose current computer has a touch screen. you can download the free windows 8 upgrade to make sure your pc is compatible. >> we are discussing what is interesting, we are not seeing delays from san francisco international airport. >> although the fog is around the san mateo bridge. we will show you the san mateo bridge and 87 in san jose, look how thick the fog is running to the san mateo bridge. it is tricky. can you see -- cannot see the san mateo bridge. the fog is thick. if it moves north the folks at the san francisco airport will be concerned. here is a look at live doppler 7
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hd showing how quiet is it as far as radar. we have a lot of moisture in the air and we will have the possibility of freezing fog inland. fairfield at 31 degrees. we are at 34 at livermore and napa and santa rosa and 35 at concord but outside of that there is frost. we have mid-to-upper 30's throughout the peninsula to the south bay and throw mid-40's for san francisco and the east bay shore and 48 at half moon bay and mid-to-upper 30's for santa cruz and let to mid-40's around monterey and gilroy. we will talk about freezing fog through the morning hours until 8:00 or 8:30 and warm are days this afternoon and tomorrow and colder conditions, then, for wednesday and thursday, with a couple of chances of light showers, and really cool afternoons, in the 40's, possibly. today, we will be much warmer, and upper 50's around monterey
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bay and headed inland. now, tonight, fog, it will be around again and notice all of the temperatures are mainly in the 40's until around santa rosa, at 39, the cool spot and 49 in san francisco, a remain warmer spot. yesterday's wet weather maker sliding to the south. we have high clouds to the north and the jet stream will stay north for two days because of these two areas of high pressure. on wednesday, a weak, is will breakthrough the high and it will bring the cooling trend and a few sprinkles and thursday a colder system comes down bringing us scattered cold showers and maybe some small hail on thursday. friday, saturday, and sunday, it looks to be dry. >> good morning, mike shows you the san mateo bridge and a dense fog advisory on the dumbarton bridge at this hour. in hayward northbound mission, the northbound lanes are blocked because of an injury accident involving a car and a pedestrian. we have another accident at
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fremont southbound 680 at south mission on the shoulder. i do not see significant slowing here. first report of a stall southbound 680 at pleasant hill, and i see slowing southbound on 680. and 80, westbound, bunching up at 580 moving through berkeley and finding yourself in big company and a bridge not affected by fog, southbound golden gate bridge, both directions, you can see one of the crews there coming to configure the lanes headed into san francisco and you will have four lanes. >> ahead, the 49 others -- 49ers are hosting the packers. there are limited numbers of tickets available. >> and a plane makes a landing with a missing wheel. we have that ahead. >> and it is katie's birthday with a show filled with surprises and she does not know
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about, katie at 3:00 p.m. right here ñ@ñzñíñit
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>> welcome back, coming up off 6:24 on monday. welcome back if you have been gone, either because of vacation or holidays. >> here is a look at what is ahead.
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>> back to the weather, everyone. here we go. 56 in antioch for the coolest spot along the san mateo, and 60 in napa and santa rosa and 59 in oakland and an -- san jose. a slight chance of a shower around eureka and 39 in tahoe. low-to-mid 60's headed south and the showers will be gone by the time you get there. >> new this morning, we have brand if you video showing a pilot making a rough landing in australia. it happened this morning outside melbourne, the 21-year-old pilot tried to land a small plane that lost a wheel midair. when on the ground the plane skidded and spun out. the pilot circles the airport for four hours to burn up the extra fuel. the pilot was fine. the search continues for the missing plane carrying italian
6:24 am
fashion executive vittorio missoni and five others, the c.e.o. of missoni fashion house known for the zigzag patterns. the plane disappeared four days ago off the venezuela veteran coast and on board with his wife, two friends and two venezuela crew members. stay with abc7 and we will have much more on the ongoing search coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 this morning. >> president obama is back in washington, dc, this morning, after spending nine days vacationing in hawaii with the first family arriving back at white house yesterday. new numbers tallied by abc shows he played five rounds of golf on vacation. the president and first family spent two afternoons enjoying the beach. he spent an afternoon with his daughters and finally the president interrupted the vacation for six days to head
6:25 am
back to negotiate the fiscal cliff talks in washington. >> playoff fever is gripping the bay area and this morning at 10:00, the nineers divisional playoff tickets are on sale through ticket master holding the green bay packer on saturday at 5:00 p.m. and the number of seats is limited so visit ticket exchange to try to find additional seats. more tickets could come available later because of returns. fat chance. those tickets are made only available through ticket master. >> i am setting my timer for 9:59. still ahead, the biggest event with everything high tech, what to expect ahead of opening day at the consume electronics show. >> but first from silicon valley to a communist capital, the controversial trip c.e.o. google is visiting. >> a san francisco woman was set on fire and suffered burns do
6:26 am
her face. what witnesses say happend to her coming up next. >> amendment, from the abc traffic center on monday morning, you can see the lights have been turned on at the bay bridge and traffic is backing toward the mcarthur and we have dense fog advisory and thick fog and we will give you the exact location of that and what do look out for after the
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 6:29 on monday, january 7. we will take a live look at embarcardero and san francisco. it is clear but there is a lost -- a lot of fog around the bay. a lost kids are going back to
6:29 am
school, vacations are over. thanks for joining us. >> wait until you see or don't see the san mateo bridge shot you will know how foggy it is. >> mike? >> san mateo bridge, south bay, north bay valley, east bay valley, even san francisco, getting in on the fog right now. it is fog out there. no clouds so live doppler 7 hd is dry. watch out for the cooler start around the bay. good news, temperatures are above freezing at 36 to 43 and dry this afternoon and high clouds and sunshine and low-to-mid 40's. however, inland we have temperatures near freezing and we have thicker fog so watch out for black ice through 8:00 or 8:30 and we will have temperatures in the upper 40's to mid-50's. the coast will be breezy with temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's. >> back to hayward surface streets, both northbound lanes
6:30 am
are blocked because of an injury accident with a pedestrian. use foothill boulevard for the alternate. at south mission, you can see a few yellow sensors and that is cleared and minor delays beyond there. to the abc7 exclusive, 242 and 680 we had an early stall southbound 680, traffic is slow moving southbound. you can download this app, it is free at the apple app store and on google play. we mentioned the fog, and in san jose you can see the fog not quite on the deck or the roadway as it was a few minutes ago, this is 87 northbound direction. the san mateo bridge shot, headlights headed into hayward and it is socked in. >> we have to take your word for it. the search is continuing for the san francisco man accused of dousing his girlfriend in gasoline and lighting her on
6:31 am
fire. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield joins us from st. francis hospital and what family members are saying. >> they say she is in critical condition with burns to her face but they do think she is going to survive. starr lamare is 25 years old and the mother of three. her family says she lives with the man who set her on fire. her smoldering sweater was lying in the middle of the street after the attack and witnesses say she ripped it off in the panic. she was in a fight with her boyfriend at the laundromat and ship fighting over the laundry and he got gasoline and poured it on her and set her on fire. witnesses described what happened say they did not want the identity revealed. they are worried about their state. >> she was running and taking off her sweater and suddenly she was over there naked. >> she dropped off her shirt and she was running.
6:32 am
she got burned. the guy who burned her, he took her purse and run off. >> here is the man police are looking for. this is 22-year-old dexter oliver and police say he has a lightning bolt design shaved on one side of his head and a fish on the other. he is on the run. police say if you have any idea where he could be, give them a call. live in san francisco, amy hole weed. >> two people were arrested after two cars were set on fire before 5:00 yesterday afternoon in the bayview district, witnesses say they saw a woman set her boyfriend's car and a van on fire. the woman came home and found her boyfriend cheating on her and the boyfriend was combative when the police arrived and was pepper sprayed. the man and woman were arrested. >> a man in his 30's is first
6:33 am
homicide victim in san jose of 2013 yesterday morning near holly hill drive. he was found in a drive in front of a house with gunshot wound. the people inside the house told the officers they did not hear anything. >> after 24 years of wondering, a mother could find out if a both fragment could solve the mistress of her daughter's disappearance after vanishing outside a grocery store in november of 1998. the f.b.i. is holding a news conference in sacramento with an update on future excavation of a well site in the central valley town. her mother believes d.n.a. test could show bone fragments linked to the so-called speed freak killers. >> from silicon valley, to a communist capital the chairman of mountain view google is headed to north korea.
6:34 am
who is not happy about the trip? >> the united states state department is criticizing the chairman's time after a controversial rocket launch. but the delegation is saying this trip was planned and he just want as look at north korea's economy and social media. we have video that came to the newsroom an hour ago from the korean central news agency. he and former new mexico governor richardson landed in pyongyang 1:00 o'clock a.m. our time and will be there for four days. richardson travels to north korea frequently but schmidt's participation is drawing speculation what he hopes to accomplish. richardson defends the trip as a "private humanitarian mission." >> schmidt is a friend of mine, he is interested in foreign policy, he is going as a private citizen. this is not a google trip. i am sure he is interested in
6:35 am
some of the economic issues there. or the social media aspect. so, this is why we teamed up on this trip. >> schmidt and richardson are expected it high to negotiate the release of an american prisoner captured last month in the country while they are there over the next four days. >> thank you. our time now is 6:36. survivors and family members of victims of the colorado theater massacre are warned they may not want to be in court for the suspect's preliminary hearing. the prosecution is expecting an overflow crowd when they outline the case against james holmes accused of leaving 12 people dead at a showing of the latest batman movie in colorado in july. lawyers say they will will show gruesome evidence that has been withheld until now because of a judge's gag order. >> traffic and weather are next, together, on the abc morning news.
6:36 am
here is a live look outside the golden gate bridge, not one of the foggiest spots. mike nicco is traveling, however, a lot of this with very poor visibility. >> the biggest names in high-tech are shedding light on the gadgets in las vegas at
6:37 am
6:38 am
>> all right. welcome back. now, the temperatures were cooler this morning than yesterday but forrant job -- for in antioch, three degrees warmer. 31 in fairfield. close to freeing inland, with mid-30's, and mid-to-upper 30's in the peninsula to the south bay and oakland is at 43 and fremont at 44 as is san
6:39 am
francisco. livermore is quarter mile visibility and santa rosa half a mile so fog everywhere but oakland. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and tomorrow, the warmest day, we will make a run at 60 and mid-to-upper 60's on wednesday with spring -- swing -- sprinkles. >> use foothill boulevard here with a car and pedestrian accident. >> northbound at parkway, chp will shut that down to get it out of the way. dumbarton bridge, thicking for and san mateo bridge, as well. and the drive times show traffic bunched up a typical monday morning back to work from the central valley and highway four
6:40 am
from antioch and east shore freeway all considered very slow this morning. kristen and eric? >> eyes of the technology work are in las vegas at the convention center the consumer electronics show looking for the latest innovation and upgrades. as you can see by this video there is great anticipation at the convention and cisco will apply their network capability to cable carriers and intel will discuss their new my -- micro computer chips. >> ahead, president obama and his second term, the two new faces he wants to join in his administration. >> trading is underway on wall street as investors react to a new foreclosure settlement tempered by other factors.
6:41 am
the dow is down 66 points and we will
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6:43 am
>> radar shows across the state the south is clearing out. that is good news that way. most of the fog is going by the time you get there. another system is coming down that will scrape the northern part of our state with a slight chance of a shower. otherwise, partly cloudy and 39 in tahoe and mid-to-upper 50's for fresno and big sur, and the warmer spots is 60's, low-to-mid 60's in san diego, palm springs and los angeles. safe travels. >> how about a trip to new york?
6:44 am
america" and now back to you kristen. >> there are interesting pictures of josh out there on the internet, we understand, this morning? >> somehow he managed to get a gig in miami for a football game that could be going on down there. >> there is a football game. go to alabama. >> talking about a picture of him with a mascots. interesting stuff. >> have a great day.
6:45 am
>> new this morning, more on the president's nomination of john brennan to be the next c.i.a. director, now the current advisor on counter trim. he was the candidate in 2008 before withdrawing over the tactics used during the bush administration. he was with the agency if 25 years and he needs senate confirmation. >> secretary of state, hillary clinton is set to return to work today for the first time since she was sidelined by a string of health issues. she was discharged from a new york hospital last week after starting treatment if a blood clot. her troubles started last month when she fainted from dehydration caused by the flu and suffered from a concussion. doctors found a blood clot during a test related to the concussion. >> breaking news live from,ryville -- from emeryville camera, in berkeley at
6:46 am
university near interstate 80. you can see the flames in the center of the screen. obviously, berkeley firefighters are headed that way. we will tell you more on what is burning and what steps are being taken to handle this. stay with us for this breaking news. aural right, looks like that could be a warehouse, with the smoke visible near university avenue. we will follow that breaking news. now, keep an cry on wall street, a deal in the multibillion dollar foreclosure case could be around the corner. >> consumers could see lower prices for tv's and we want you to buy more tv's. now, a check on the new york stock exchange. >> good morning. my husband said yesterday he want as bigger tv and i am like, oh, no. a $10 billion settlement to resolve claims of foreclosure abuse by 14 major lenders
6:47 am
including j.p. morgan chase and wells fargo and the deal could be announced today. "new york times" said the government agreement covers flawed paperwork and much woulded loan modification and part of that $10 billion, $6 billion, is directed to homeowners in dangers losing their home. on the defensive across the board you can see the dow right now down by 70 points and silicon valley index is down 1 percent. a breakthrough for the fastest mobile processor looking for a processor to boost sells for a smartphone and tablet market. all eyes are on the consumer electronic show with china looking to make a splash and raise their visibility with the united states consumers. the chinese tv makers has lower production costs that they we can pass on and they market advance features including when
6:48 am
connections. and apple's app has 40 billion apps downloaded and just 20 billion last year alone. >> thank you. >> we will have another live look at a fire burning in berkeley. this is happening right now. you can see orange flames and the glow from that and the smoke rising. that is happening east of i-80 around the university avenue exit area. if you know that area, there are a lot of warehouses and there is retail at the 4th street area and if you go up university, of course, you get to the campus. this could be a warehouse. the fire department is on the way and you can tell there will be a big response. >> we will try to get over there
6:49 am
on what is burning and let you know coming up. right now, though, a look at the weather forecast. in other parts of the bear yeah -- the bay area you have fog. >> you can see the fog has taken over san francisco with high clouds. that is awesome picture. beautiful. anywhere else to go this morning? maybe down to san jose where it looks like 87 is clearing although it was foggy early the now it is lifting. now, that is good news. that means the fog is moving. so because it is not looking foggy now does not mean it will not return. we could not see the san mateo bridge a few minutes ago. you can now but it is still foggy. we will check out more later. now a look at live doppler 7 hd,
6:50 am
you can see it is picking up dry air this morning above the fog. it looks like it will stay that way for the better part of today and tomorrow. not going to have much in the way of rain. on wednesday and into thursday, it looks like we will see a small chance of showers moving in and significantly cooler afternoons, talking with highs only in the upper 40's on thursday. right now, fairfield is the only reporting station at freezing at 31 and everyone else is in the mid-30's inland and mid-to-upper 40's along the peninsula and elsewhere in the low 40's. 43 at gilroy. this morning, watch out for the freezing fog, and warmer days tuesday and wednesday and followed by cold of the days on wednesday and thursday. today we will go from 56 in san francisco and antioch on 60 in napa and santa rosa and brick -- brisk on the coast. upper 50's along the monterey
6:51 am
bay and inland. tonight, we have fog but the temperatures are 39 in santa rosa to 46 in san francisco. nowhere getting near freezing. the weather maker yesterday pulling away, high pressure coming in, in its way, and overrun by a few high cloud but the jet stream will stay to the north and tomorrow we will hit 60's around the bay and wednesday we will chip away at the temperatures with a few sprinkles possible and the cold showers for thursday with highs barely in the 50-degree range and friday, saturday, and sunday a slight warming trend and more dry. >> good morning, mike. southbound 280 at sand hill road we have piping in the roadway and cars swerved into it resulting in an accident, and three lanes are blocked now, southbound 280 at sand hill road. and an ongoing problem in
6:52 am
hayward, car versus pedestrian so avoid mission boulevard. southbound 680 an early accident had slow traffic which is cleared to the shoulder and san rafael, southbound, getting busy south 101 from marin wood area to central san rafael and golden gate bridge, fog free and relatively light coming off the waldo. >> and breaking news from berkeley, and this is what appears to be a warehouse fire burning near interstate 80 and university avenue in berkeley, you can see the glow from the flames and the smoke rising. we hope to have more on what is going on there and the response to it coming up in a little bit. >> the latest on that and five things to know before you
6:53 am
>> as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america", here are five things to know.
6:54 am
one, breaker in berkeley, what you are looking at, a structure fire that appears to be a warehouse off of i-80 in the university avenue area. you can see it is still burning with the orange flames and the smoke rising. berkeley police are on the scene. we have put in a call to get more information on what is burning there right now. >> number two, the search is on for a san francisco man suspected of dousing his girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire. the 25-year-old starr lamare is hospitalized in critical condition with burns do her face following the attack yesterday. >> the f.b.i. is holding a news conference in sacramento that could shed life on the disappearance of a girl from a grocery store in 1998. the mother of the nine-year-old then girl has been waiting for d.n.a. test results to see if a bone fragment is linked to the girl. >> google chairman's delegation
6:55 am
released a statement in his defense since the arrival in north korea saying the chairman want as firsthand look at north korea's economy and social media during the private visit accompanied by former new mexico governor richard son. >> number five, the consumer electronics show of 2013 is underway at the las vegas convention center and the latest innovations and upgrades in technology are on display including new high definition television screens and security systems that run on wireless networks. >> the fire is near berkeley but not in their coverage area. we will find out who is handling it. and a final check on the weather. >> live doppler 7 hd shows it is clear of radar returns. now, this afternoon, we will have high clouds and sunshine, with temperatures if the low-to-mid 30's and mid to upper 50's for the rest us. >> lights on at bay bridge toll plaza and moan low -- and menlo
6:56 am
park, three lanes there. >> abc news continues with news, weather and traffic and we will continue to follow that berkeley fire. this is possibly just outside of berkeley. we will check on that so stay ztxs
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good morning, america. breaking right now. the president set to announce his new national security team. abc news has learned that john brennan is his pick to run the cia. but a battle royale over his choice for defense secretary, chuck hagel. vanished. the developing mystery over one of the top fashion families right now. the massive search for the missing plane for the missoni family fashion icon. now, their family raising suspicion that they could have been kidnapped. she's enormous. >> face to face with a 1,000-pound polar bear. one of the most powerful animals on the planet smashing the cage, trying to claw its way in for about an hour. an american culture clash. north versus south. it's the most storied rivalry in college football.

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